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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 29, 2019 4:00pm-4:50pm EST

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makings of aeal mess. i >> a lot of you got to go homeo early and could mean a late start tomorrow. it's going to be slow going on the rds all night long. >> the snow is causing whiteout continues in weston. >> we have a team of reporters out there helping you stay ready. let's start in the weather center. >> it's nay. and we told you this would be a hard hitting event, that's why the schools were out early and the federal government allowed people to lea early. the evening rush would be a mess. >> that'sxactly how it's turning out to be. tracking snow in washington, areas north and west. loudon county all right reporting 2 inches of snow. >> a lot of places start off as
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no snow, but rain. an down south we're seeing rain itx with sleet. but this is the action is. where it's raining we can get home no buoblem. frederick, f leesburrfax county, montgomery county, this is heavy snow making itsay down. big fat flakes that's why it was able to accumulate. i want to take you to the d.c. metro ar. you see around the beltway now, right here the l rain snowe just south and east of the t ltway. snowinge airport, at alexandria, 20 minutes ago this was a rain/snow mix. now it's all snow. right on that line, bowie. >> this is where we have snow, areas like loudon county, es rg, where we have 1 to 2 inches of snow. it is not a big system but it's a hard hitting system, hitting at worst part of the day, that's evening rush.
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we have problems on the roadways,y as we normauld during rush hour but now we have more. 36 in d.c., but already freezing to the north and west. as the temperatures continue to fall we'll continue to see problems on the roadway.y possibilor delays early tomorrow morning, especially the schools.s melissaracking the latest on the roads. i'm looking at some of the maps, it is mess out there. >> reporter: it is a traffic nightmare. i hate to say that b it is such a mess. this is why you don't want to be situation like a this one. a heck of a lot of red, you can see on the map, on the beltway, as doug mentioned we are covered in snow across the beltway. the lanes are clear but really heavy delays. look here urbanapi , a crash blocking all lanes. that's a great alternate for 270
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you just can't use it 270 look here, you can see the delays and the white ogrthe sy areas. american legion bridge, outer loop, inerloop looking packed at this point. leesburg pike, same situation, a lot of wte, a lot of snow coming down there. southbound 301 at brandy winero . overturned tractor trailer. you see the purple, that's a closure there. and southbound 95, folks headed southbound early today, a lot of heavy delays just before the river bridge. leon and pat. >> thanks, melissa. the word is rain mixing over to mostly snow across the region now. >> here'sk a live l at conditions in northwest d.c. from the news4 drive cam. prince george's county now seeing some of the same
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conditions. >> tracee wilkins continues our coverage in college park. looking messy behind you. >> reporter: it is. we have a little rain and a lot of snow happening right now. look at route 1ou can see how wet the roadways are, this is the stuff we'reed concebout freezing. this is the messy commute we have been promising for fol and it started here just around 3:00 p.m. the idea was to get folks out of this mess andef homee it got too dangerous. at whitehallnd elementary bowie parents and buses were lined up to pick up the little ones two hours early. the prince george's county school system announced it would be closing early yesterday. >> i think they made a safe decision. in case everything was to ice up and then snow over top of thee. >> we're in for the rest of the day. that's it. hot chocolate, homework and fun. >> reporter:om as ed, the snow began during the start of
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afternoon rush. at the unive ity ofmaryland, it's the second dor back f students after winter break and the school closed at 2:00 p.m. due to weather. sometudents were happy, others not so much. >> i'm from new jersey, and this is standard winter weather. where i'm from,f there were 5 inches we'd have school still so this is silly. >> i'm glad they gave us the day off to make sure not onl the student that is liv on campus are safe but also t students commuting. >> reporter: we have a little snow sticking to some of th grassy areas here. but what's really happening is the wetness on the road here. we are concerned about freezing on areas that have not been pr'vreated. seen storms like this during rush and always proo be a mess for our region. i'm going to toss it to chris gordon, o's down in fairfax. hey, chris. >> reporter: hi,eetr
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we had snow about the past three hours hereu ee it's accumulating on sidewalks and the grassy areas and we have an icy chop on the streets. a couple of vdot trucks went by, they are not plowing yet, they are spreading salt. the r were pretreated and people i this area are getting ready for whatever comes their way. here at costco in fairfax, cars line up t or more in reach row to get gas ahead of the storm. are you word about traffic tonight? >> sure. that's whyal the fed government gave us two hours off, early release, too.ep >>ter: schools throughout the area let out early. students, teachers, and staff sent home. school buses trying to get off the roads before the snow causes problems. >> i teach at navy elementary. i'm auming there's good chance we're not going to be in school tomorrow and a lot of people tnk we'll have a delay
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on thursday, we'll see. >> reporter: vdot preparing its equipment, loading salt on trucks and sending them out to park on roadways. >> not only are weo goingve more cars on the road when the snow is actually coming down,t anything t lands on the ground and is wet overnight is going to freeze intoice. so we're going to ve an ice issue tomorrow morning. >> parking lots at food stores arewded as people stock up for the snow and cold. >> i hav groceries, gauze a n netflix. >> reporter: the try if he cife >> definitely >> reporter: that's the right formula for a snow day. and behind me you see private contractors preparing to clear parking lots throughout ouraire. the most thing to passo along you from vdot is be very careful
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because tomorrow as temperatures plunge they are predicting a, freerefreeze, and it could be hazardous on the roadways during tomorrow's rush hour. back to you. news4 is working to keep your family safe when winter weather hits, download the nbc washington app to tind latest forecasts in your neighborhood any time. you can find al full list of school closings and delays, and the best part it's free. right now police in montgomery county are looking into a death that they're calling suspicious. officers found a woman dead in her homeen in aill this morning. family members tell us the ctim worked as a housekeeper at a hotel downtown. police came to the house when the woman did not show up for work. they did not say how she died. a series of road products that couldtransform transportation in virginia. it totals more than a billion dollars in investment.
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among them the state plans to add a fourthil ary lane to prince william county parkway. the state also plans to extend the 495 express lanes to the american legion bridge. and expand the i-95 toll lanes to erfredksburg. julie carey was at the announcement today. she will detail thees cha today at 5:00. breaking news on the state of the union address. georgia democrat stacy abrams will deliver the rebuttal. chuck schumer nonfirmed thes a short time ago. she's the former leader of georgia house of representatives. president trump will deliver his state of the union address next tuesday, delayed a wcause of the government shutdown. long-time confidant of eresident trump, roger stone was arraigned in th district today. he's charged in connection with special counsel robert mueller's
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probe, the fmer trump campaign adviser was arrested last week during a predawn raidt his home in florida. prosecutors say he lied about his discussio ccerning hacked clinton e-mailsbtned by wikileaks. federal museums are again open for business and we're seeing something w haven't seen for a while. cameras once again rolling at the national zoo's panda cam. you can see one of them here lunching away enjoying his time there in the light. adam tuss discovered, though, not only are the museum and zoo workers happy the shutdown is over, so are the anima at the zoo. >> reporter: at 8:00 in the morning, the national zoo back open fbusiness. >> it's energizing. >> reporter: perhaps one of the happiest to welcome everyone back,he panda cub putting on a show in the trees. and a happy spector joyce
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carter. she missed it and says he's a bit big er. >> he's grown. i tuned in on the c panda this morning. you could tell, he was sitting up there communi with his father through the howdy window this morning. and they looked about the same size. i mean, heea rllywn has gron 35 days. >> reporter: the elephants are right here where you left them. zoo leaders say the shutdown hasn't been o eas staff or the m animals. >> we observed some of our mo intelligen animals like great apes and elephants, they do know when the visitors aren't there. and there was more interactionee between thers and the animals. >> reporter: museums reopening. lonnie welcong visitors back to the museum of and an-american histo culture. >> it's been a million reunions.
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>> reporter: for now, on this day, washington getng back to normal. there's a dollar amount attached to all of the losses because of the shutdown we don'tno the exact figures yet but the officialsere at the museum of african-american history believe they lost about a million bucks. adam tuss, ws4. not everything has reopened as yet and some attractions remain closed for other reasons. to check the list search shutdown in the nbc washington app. new a ur, the local puppy shelter on thet lisfor the puppy bowl. apple says a security flawa other people can listen in. what to do to keep your calls private. creeping down from the. arct the once in a generation bla
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that leaves us shivering. ahead of that is the snow coming down. already 1 tonc 2s of snow and starting to accumulate on area roads. to the south rain but there you will see rain this evening. heok at loudon county, it's been snowing the last couple of hours, big time problems on the roadway. this is a multi-vehicle accident right now just in parts of loudon county we'll b bek with a little bit more on this. we're i
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right now a storm team 4 weather alert. doug andmelia are tracking rain, snow and a wintery mix. you can see the storm on the radar there moving through our area right now. and a live picturegorom up in mory county giving you an idea of what the roads are like right now. doug and amelia will be back in a matter of minutes. as cold as it' going to get here, it'll be nothing like cold parts of the midwest are dealing >> they're calling it the coldest in a generation. dan shepman explains it's not just cold it's ordeadly. >> rr: arctic cold in the united states, sending temperatures plunging to levels haven't seen in two decades rj we're talking wind chills up to5 below zero. >> reporter: states used to cold weather having to declare emergencies. wind chills so low frostbite can
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occur in minute >> this is an event unlike any we've seen in a generation and it's important to protect people. >> reporter: michigan's governor toured one of the hundreds of warming centers across the gion. more than 85% of the united states will see freezing temperatures with 75 million people living where temperatures are below zero. >> i've been out here for a couple hours, been taking breaks because it's so cold. boilingter: so cold water freezes instantly in the open air. roads are freezing as well, causing treacherous driving fconditions. gid as it is now. the worst is yet to come, with temperatures continuing to dive overnight. >> wow. >>ell, winter weather advisories are up back here across our area. >> let's get the team coverage with your forecast. what's t rd?
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>> this is a quick hitting system, it's going to only be a coup hours, but it's going to leave a couple inches. >> in parts are frederick county in maryland, 2 inches of snow. that could lead to cancellations tomorrow. >> we think we'll see those tomorrow becnose of the and slick roads but thursday because of the cold, the arctic air moves in tomorrow to tomorrow night. notice the rain snow line creeping farther south and eastward into prince george's i county, towards charles county, leesburg and frederick, we've seen the snow all day. this this aroa here,d the i-95 corridor, it is all snow. look at 301, right on the rain snow line, a little bitf eet mixed in at times too. back to the west, this area has been all snow all day. they didn't get any rain. my house in betheseda saw a littleit of a rain, sleet, snow for a time and quickly changing to snow.
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270 just a mess. as a matter of fact, this is 270 around clarksburg, and look at this. just a mess out there. the main roads are okay.we bute seeing a lot of secondary road problems. e secondary roads going to be a lot easier to see snowfall on the roads so give yourself extra time. re's the whole system moving on through, but this is just the start of the cold air making its way in. our current temperatures below freezing, that's why whave the problems through the north and west and we'll continue to see the numbers go down as we move through the night tonight. ready for this? 29 the current wind chill in d.c. 42 below in international falls d 20 in chicag >> by the time it gets here it's not going to be that bad. but the coldest time period is thursday morning. that beiom said,row morning, 6:00 a.m., wind chills in the teens, feeling about 17 in washington.
4:19 pm
gaithersburg about7 as well. lunchtime still tracking temperatures in the teens we'll briefly feel as warm as 20 degrees out there tomorrow morning. as we head into the evening hours we track wind chill temperatures in the single digits. the high tomorrow of 36 is feeling more like 1with winds gusting up to 40 miles an hour at time 26 is feeling more like ten on thursday. and it's thursday morning when it will be dangerously cold outside. on friday the winds relax but it's cold. temperatures near 30 feel about 20 degrees with a light wind out therk then we tout the road conditions in addition to the bitterly cold air movingin tonight slick roads. especially as the sun goes down within the next hour we'll see the road conditionsdeteriorate. tomorrow morning definitely some eslick spotsecially north and west of washington. tomorrow evening the roads
4:20 pm
should be okay. some ice at spots in the bus op. recess is chilly. dismissal will have temperatures in the tns and 20s. bringing this one out for the first time today. the homework meter, look at where we stand. we're between a delay, plan on sleeping in. if you turn the pjs inside out u may not have to set the alarm. we'll take a closer look school district by school district at 4:45. >> tomorrow we are going thave ea roadways that are a problem, that's why we might get out of school tomorrow. and thursday we get out because of the planeco . 36 for a high tomorrow. 26 on your thursday. breezyonditions on friday. and i want to show you what's going on. as we move on through the next couple days here,atch what's, you'll see the update here nd just a se ratures tomorrow that stay on the cold side.
4:21 pm
what happens in the next week -- i don't have time to show it to you -- do yeah i do. how about the 60s everybody. say good buy to the arctic air talk. we're talking 60s in the middle of next week. i know you're going to be happy about that, you're not cold weather people, youold me many times before, you love the warmer weather. we get it. next we >> yeah, but we're going to have weather whiplash. >> pretty much. >> we'll sure take the 60. local acts of gity that will warm your heart. remember the federal worker forced to pay for rent or chemomow atmenchem chemotreatments? >> it's the generosity of strangers helping me throughout this time. >> we cannot wait to tell you how the community stepped up for her. her. and a bug from
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bric refresher even works for clothes you want to wear another day. make febreze part of your clean routine for whole home freshness. right now aur region, you can see it radar. winter weather advisories are up for most of us. doug and amelia are tag teang
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your forecast. what and the bitter cold coming when this storm moves a major privacy co. apple is racing to fix an iphone bug that lets someone listen in ll you even if you don't pick up their we have more on how quickly to expect a group face time feature is on hold t one-t confidant of president trump, michael cohen, will testify hill.d closed doors on the now, new numbers today on the impact of the shutdown in the washington region. >> coming up next we'll be in the community with a show of support that's making a big difference. how youan be part of it. a live look at conditions outdoors as we
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we are praibracing for some extreme c courtesy of the polar vortex. you heard us lk a lot about at recently. chuck bell explains what the polar vortex is. >> the polar vortex is a swirl of wind above both thend north the south pole, not at the surface but 10 to 30 miles high. me usually hear about it in the winter like we are now. with the historic g record-break temperatures
4:29 pm
sweeping through the midwest. when it gets off balance it sends shotsf cold air right here. new at 4:00, a terrible story coming outf chicago where a star of the show "empire" was attacked in a possible hate crime. police say that jussie smollett was walking along a street i icago when two people attacked and beat him. the assaints reportedly put a rope around his neck and put an unknown substance on him. police say ty were yelling racial and homophobic slurs at him. this afternoon the actor is in is hospital and the word is in stable condition. fresh off its big win at the screen actors guild awards disneyha announced "black panther" is headed to theatres and you may be able to see it for free. it'll play at 250 amc theaters friday, for free, thatse includ
4:30 pm
ral in our area, including georgetown, alexandria, occson hill, gaithersburg. youe can learn m on how to snag the tickets on the washington app, search black panther. prince george's county is continuing its commitment to making sure school students get their lunch. >> we have the details and the shout out to making sure this is going to enha >> reporter: let's give a shout out to the cafeteria workers who make it happy every day. llenges 0 meals c continues after the shutdown because there is a need here. f ilies impacted, and it's time to keep the program going. >> definily. we know that the outpouring of support has be we ask our parents, community members, continue to donate.
4:31 pm
becausewe 47,00eed to keep it going. >> reporter: it goes a long way but the need is great. y here's h donate. we have a link in our website and onur ap go to that right now. and individuals and business leaders canig donate now and keep this going. that is the c latest frp springs. back to you. while many americans get ready to watch the super bow onw tnday therel be local pups ready strut their stuff in the puppy bowl. several animals from the welfare league in alexandria will be strutting their stuff, including pirate, a 19 week old. the puppy bowl takes place 3:00 p.m. sunday on animal anet. if you want to get into the spirit, there's a party at wag and brew in alexandria from 2:00 to 5:00. ld be.course there w that show every year is so much fun. we usually keep that on one tv
4:32 pm
in a separate room. >> you just have to sh it. >> good stuff. here's an upliftinry of support. how total strangers are stepping up for a w federalker facing an impossible choice, pay for choor get herent paid on time. as we brace for dangerous colds, the signs doctors want you to watch out for that you're getting too cold. the cold air moving in on thursday. but right nowg d and i are tracking snow showers quickly ending around i-81. we'll see snow ending about 7:00 tonight, but what does that(s [music playing]himi) psst. hey, you!
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ea serious allergicions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been toreas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. ra don't start humi if you have an infection. woman: help stop the clock on further irreversible joint damage. talk to your rheumatologist. right here. right now. mira. if you're just joining us now as we hit 4:45, let's get you caught upith four things to know. >> we continue to track the snow falling around the washington
4:35 pm
region. storm team 4 shows the snow coming down in lots ofplaces, expected to continue through the evening and most places will see from a coating to a few inches further north of the district. > keeping an eye on the roads as well. look here at these pictures, this is westbound i-66 in centerville. everyone got a jump on their ride home, theoutbound lanes are jammed. we'rele tracking all the tro spots at the top of the hour. in prince george's county, the rainve mixing to all snow within the last hour. this is a look at conditions in college park right now. schools in the countylosed two hours early today because of the snow. don't fget your pets in this cold weather, bring them inside when it's below freezing and wipe off their o paws put them in boot tees if you're putting them outside. always check under your car or engine hood when it gets this
4:36 pm
cold because animals hide their to stay warm. a federal employee given a choice, pay her rent or chemo. >> we introduced you to her last week. and a loo at how strangers pitched in to help her fight. >> chemo is rough. >> reporter: sometimes harder than you think you can endure. >> you don know ifyou're going to be okay. >> reporter: three words, you have cancer changing the shape of your life. >> like somebody ripped the rug from under you. >> reporter: we first introduced you to her last week. >> i'll never forget that moment. i actually dropped to my knees. >> reporter: a 43-year-old mother ofhreeattling cancer. >> in that ment it's devastating, life altering. >> reporter: who knew a government shutdown would cause her to choose between a payment of treatment or rent. chemo. chemo trumps everything. >> reporter: she works in ogram analysis supporting i.t.
4:37 pm
in the department of treasury. .> i love my job. always ha this is what i wanted to do. i'm a veteran. >> reporter: outf work for 35 days until president trump's announcement friday to reopen vee ment. >> is this real? and then when i saw the february 15th date, i'm still nervous. >> reporter: hanging onto every single dollar and every good memory like yesterday's final chemotherapy. it reminds her of the good people in the world. >> someone called in to the hospital and took care of myco t. they wiped out my entire balance. eporter: and the virginia man who paid her february rent. >> some congressman and some senators and a president's hand righno >> reporter: even when congress isn't seeing eye-to-eye, it's the prayers and well whes from strangers that keep her going. nicole jacobs news4. >> so good to see so many good
4:38 pm
people out there. absolutely. doug, the snow slowing down a little bit behind here, here northwest. that's not the case everywhere? >> it's not. it's pretty out there rightnow. >> like a christmas card. >> it does. but we have a shot o heavier snow coming through here in about an hour. in the west it's already coming down. we've seen two or three inches of snow in parts of loudon county, frederick county. look at that, there is a very, very sharp edge just between leesburg and winchester. you see that snow comg to an end quickly there as it's moving eef towards the east. stillg the snow around the d.c. metro area. and the darker the purples, the heavier the snows, parts of gaithersburg, sterle, downo the south. lighter snow right now outside our studios, outside chevy chase. we are looking at areas of darker purple here, gaithersburg
4:39 pm
your snow is picking up. rockville, you're seeing good snow. leesburg still snowing, two, twe and a half ialong 15 here towards part of the loudon county area. ,bletown, sandy ho it's done for you. may see a couple snow showers but that's aut it. the rain snow line moving south and east into parts of southern maryland, this is i-70 around 270 in frederick. you can see the snow there along the side. th road moving okay. but we are having a lot of issues wit secondary roads. here's the storm itself, not a big storm. we told yourday this would be a quick hitter. the timing has been the big impact, right before the evening rush, that's why so many schools le out early. good thing they did, too, we have seen a mess on the roads. falling temperatures. down to the south not aoo worrieut problems right now and over the next couple hours. it aftersunset, after about 5:30, 6:00 you start to see some
4:40 pm
issues he where we're below freezing, this he where we have seen problems all day and where we expect to see them tomorrow, too. this is the area that's seen the most snow. we're talking about potential for schoolsor to be out tomrow and areas we thinkave a chance to not only be delayed but closed tomorrow. >> it's where the higher numbers are coming in. check out the latest totals map. thank you everybody for reporting the numbers. frederick reporting2.5. leesburg is 3 inches. an inch and a half around winchester and fairfax. here's what we're thinking for potential cancellations upper partsom of mony county could lead to cancellation for the entire school district. as well as loudoun, fauquier, frederick. out into howard, carol and baltimore county as well. elaysor are possiblehe
4:41 pm
tomorrow,y on a delay as well as prince william, charles, prince george's county and anne arundel county could see a delay. thas is a forecast on what we're seeing and how school systems typically respond tev a t like this. so you want to stay tuned. course, as we get any information in about schools tomorrow. the concern is ice spots especially north and west of washington that could lead to a slick morning commute on thursday. dangerously cold during the morning hours. wind chills thursday morning as low as 10 to 15 degrees below zero on hofriday. should be okay. it's cold maybe light snow showers around durin day but not too much. if you take anything away from the traffic, it's trs ty morning wind chills about 10 to 15 degrees below zer to only 10 degrees above zero. so dangerously cold air moving in from the west. >> look at the wind chills, 30 right now.
4:42 pm
1 bel in cleveland. 42 below in international falls. 16 below in chicago. and that air is moving our way and will get here tomorrow afternoon. it's w going to tudy and we see the arctic air move in. 26 on thursday after a low of 10. 29 on friday with a chance for snow showers. could s snow shower tomorrow around noon, 1:00. 42 on saturday. and you're like, the cold air n weet any warm air? the answer to that is yes, you can. 50s and 60s next week. hard to imagine we're going to do a hugeflip-flop as we make t week. to warmer air n >> i want to see you get through one week where there's no mention of polar or arctic. >> working on it. >> keep working. we have to deal with the deep freeze and the cold temperatures moving in,ng setti in just north of us. as doug said we could see record-breaking cold and are
4:43 pm
seeing that in places. but we want to tell you how too t yourself and your family from this frigid force. first let's get at look what's new on news4 at 5:00. jim and wendy standeg by in news room. >> raise your hand if you spent a portion of your life circling the streets in the district looking for a parking spot. >> twors hands. >> yf your life. the news4 i team looked into it and found visitor parking pass are being sold on the bla market. and now lawmakers are cracking down to ease the parking squeeze. and we'll hear from the family of a third grader who was skilled in the accident with the ffvider. theirts to make sure that doesn't happen again. plus as youknow, the snow is falling. big flakes ashe sun sets a little after 5:00. so the temperatures are going to take a nose dive, too. >> we are in weather alertll
4:44 pm
afternoon, stay with us at 5:00 as a slick evening does continue. > we'll see you in what's better than having fast, reliable wifi with coverage throughout your home? how about having internet that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the fastest speeds from america's best internet provider to stream on all your devices. plus,you can switch ur wireless carrierd, and rsve hundreds of dol year. now that's simple, easy, esome. get started for $39.99 a month for 12 months. plus, ask how you can get xfinid so all you pay for is data. switch today. strand restoring ading a father's faith....
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iton standing tall aftesurgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. sttroroerngs being a typical kid... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just wa yon wethem to grow up stronger.
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the bitter cold sweeping the country is not only uncomfortable, it can be dangerous. >> some places are so cold, a few minutes in the air can lead frostbite.
4:47 pm
>> erika edwards has advice to help you stay safe. >> reporter: as a deep freeze settles in, doctors urge people to place close attention to signs the bone chilling air is handle. to >> your ears, nose or hands are hurting, youo need warm them up. >> the doctor should know, he's an emergency room physician in rochester, minnesota where the high is below zero. >> you need to be never mindful if you're starting to feel cold get into a warm environment as soon as you can. >> reporter: frostbite c a affe exposed skin quickly. >> sometimes it's a fgerip or ear but if they've been out for hours we see dangerous conditions. >> reporter: watch out for icy walkways. >> like many of us who have been walking on a sidewalk it seems fine and all of a sudden you slip and fall. >> reporter: perps the most
4:48 pm
dangerous is hypothermia. 's a life-titeatening coion that can affect your heart,ervous system and other organs. call 911 if you have the symp m symp symptoms, schiff shivering slurred speech or trouble breathing. news4 begins. >> we begin tonight with the bitter blast to end january. >> a dangerous deep freeze is spreading across the nation tonight. >> millions facing what could be he coldest weather in a generation. but for us it's the snow right now, some bigre flakes falling out there. >> as we look at the storm team 4 radar, you can the line there where the rain is turning over to mostly snow acros our region. >> we're right in the middle of it. it made for a phitty sight afternoon here on wisconsin avenue as the flakes started to fall.u can see not so much sticking then but at this hour, it's a big change as the temperature
4:49 pm
starts to plummet. >> ice and snow are starting to free over on the roads and it's only going to get worse as you can imagine. >> tonight we have team coverage of the conditions for you all over our' up. beginning with doug and amelia in the storm center. >> we're watching a lot of different things going on right now across the area. rain to the south, where it is snowing lightly around d.c., then a heavy snow band going on right now in parts of the just wf that, you're done. tgion. no more snow. >> it's quickly moving out. of the ar but here's the thing, this is the crucial time where the sun is going do. you can see we're 35 degrees in washington but temperatures are going to fall fast s anything that's wet turns to ice. >> that's the worry as we move through the night tonight. look at this picture rightw. this is our reston camera. look at the snow coming down.s this in that very heavy snowband i was talking out. western fairfax county, loudon county, i'll show it to you here. it's in the darker purple. look at the line there.
4:50 pm
in d.c. not much happening right we're looking at light snow outside our studios. we've seen about an half inch to an inch here. but when this line comes through, even downtown you're going to see a qui half an inch to an inch out of this over the next hour possibly. leesburg, winchester, martinsburg, you're done with the snow. up to 2 to 3 inches fell but it's done now. waldorf, moving south. once again it's the temperatures we're going to be watching. look at this picture. this is 270 around clarksburg. it is just nasty out there tonight. we'll continu to seehe cold air move in. 30 with the wind chill. 5 in cpittsburgh, thatd air moves in tonight. but the arctic air moves inrr to. wait until you see how cold we're about to get. >> all right. thank u, doug. l


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